Saturday, November 27, 2010


My son is now in the fourth grade, mainstreamed with paraprofessional, and is doing more independent things in school. As anyone with an autistic child knows, pragmatic speech is difficult for them. He aces his spelling tests, but understanding the content and nuances are difficult for him. I have made it a point over the last few years to teach him similes and idioms, usually as they come up in every day life, but I do have a few children's books that specifically teach idioms.

Recently he had an exercise in school on similes, and I am so happy to report what the teacher said about it, "Great job, you really seem to understand what a simile is!" So I thought I'd share a few of them!

I feel as happy as a clown.
I feel as strong as a "strongman". (his word for muscleman)
I feel as silly as a unicorn.
I feel as angry as a beagle, it runs everywhere a lot when a person gets too close. (this is from the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox where there is a mad beagle who chases everyone!)
I feel as excited as a jumping bean. (teacher: great one!)
I feel as frightened as a fox. (again from Fantastic Mr. Fox)
I feel as light as a bread falling off a counter. (teacher: Wow! Thoughtful!)
I feel as grumpy as a cat. (we have an extremely grumpy cat!)
I feel as slow as a snail trying to catch food. (starred by teacher)
I feel as hungry as a bear. (starred by teacher)
I feel as sleepy as a sleeping dog.

Pretty insightful, don't you think?! What a great, awesome kid!