Sunday, February 1, 2009

Catching up, NPR Interview, and Schedule Changes

I am in such a funk. I am exhausted from the DHHS fight, which finally was found in my son's favor, but they are still sending me tons of paperwork, bills, and I have not received my son's records from them, as they promised. Our IEP went well, thanks to our developmental pediatrician coming to it and advocating for a more generalization of social/emotional skills and cognitive behavioral work based on Michelle Garcia Winner. My son is having a lot more positive experiences at recess, instead of wandering around by himself.

My interview on NPR, along with Dr. Baron-Cohen, regarding our experience with the British version of The Transporters was aired last week, I didn't get to hear it until Friday. Here is the link.

We have had lots of schedule changes, which are always challenging. Martial arts moved to Tuesday and Thursdays now for an hour, which has been challenging to get through. The problem with the Monday/Wednesday half hour classes was the time change to starting before the bus arrived home from school. My son LOVES riding the bus. He was VERY UPSET when he thought I would have to pick him up from school, making him miss his bus ride twice a week. This is actually what provided the incentive for him to stop disrupting the class by talking about what time it was or whatever else crossed his mind. "Yes, Sensei, No Sensei, Can we do it again, Sensei?" is all I told him he can say, and he can answer questions. So far, so good.

The other schedule change is adding ice skating lessons after the boys went to a birthday party on ice. They loved it, even though they were down more than up. I have spent the last 9 days frantically finding skates that fit, clothes for skating, signing up and filling in forms, prepping the boys, etc. Yesterday, after the second lesson, my son continued to skate on his own for another 40 minutes! Just to practice! Wow! He is amazing, I am so proud! He has a lot of difficulty with balance and coordination. My 4 year old, of course, has taken off after 3 lessons, and is all over the ice. He has no fear, and is extremely coordinated. Picture a small child hurtling over the ice screaming with joy at the top of his lungs! Everyone laughs, his joy is infectious!

I'm hoping things are going to settle down. I've been up to my ears in paperwork, hopefully will get it more or less filed so I can see the table top again.


kristi said...

My daughter wants to do softball, I am a little scared because last year we had lots of went late and TC would melt down!

Good luck with the new schedule.

EdR77203 said...

Put him in as many different places where he can interact.

storkdok said...

Ed, thank you! That is exactly what we try to do, expose him to many different situations. I think it has made him more flexible, and he is very willing to try new things (except food!).

Did you also do this with your son? Do you think it made a difference?

storkdok said...

Kristi, good luck with the softball! Playing these kinds of games is like life, unpredictable, lots of changes, learning to go with the flow...good preparation for life, I'd say!

I think it is really awesome your daughter wants to play softball! It is such a group sport, and I know my son isn't ready for a group sport yet. The closest we are right now is a small group in his martial arts class.

Donna Cooper said...

Just to let you know...I'm BACK (after a long time gone!)
Hope you'll drop by and check out my blog again.

God bless you bunches!

Dr Benway said...

Picture a small child hurtling over the ice screaming with joy at the top of his lungs! Everyone laughs, his joy is infectious!

Oh that would be a kick-ass YouTube.