Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm still here

Well, it's been a while since I posted. A lot has happened in the last 11 months. The biggest thing is that I am in the process of divorcing my husband. It has been very difficult. It's one of the most difficult and contentious divorces my attorney has seen. It's been hard on my kids. Luckily we all have good therapists. Because of the difficulty in this process, I am unable to comment about much of anything, as it could be used as evidence. When the divorce is final, I will be free to comment on the effects on me and my children. Suffice it to say, I am becoming my own independent person, am a new home owner, and have a steep learning curve, but am up to the task!

Monday, December 27, 2010

What? #62 of Top Autism Blogs? What were they smoking?

Okay. Not sure what who voted or what they were smoking, but I got a notification today that my sad little blog here that I occasionally post on was #62 on Wikio, they list top 100. Sad to say, Age of Autism was #1, so I guess that shows someone was smoking something for this vote, as there are far better blogs to get accurate evidence based information from as well as blogs that promote acceptance of autism.

P.S. I am proud to say that #'s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 15 and 16 are longtime personal and/or online friends of mine, best autism bloggers out there! Yay!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What does "extinct" mean?

My son was flying a Pterosaur, playing with dinosaurs with his brother. My husband asked why there are not any Pterosaurs flying around any more. "Because they're extinct." my son said. Husband asked, "What does extinct mean?" My son replied, "they all died before mom was born."

I feel old now.


My son is now in the fourth grade, mainstreamed with paraprofessional, and is doing more independent things in school. As anyone with an autistic child knows, pragmatic speech is difficult for them. He aces his spelling tests, but understanding the content and nuances are difficult for him. I have made it a point over the last few years to teach him similes and idioms, usually as they come up in every day life, but I do have a few children's books that specifically teach idioms.

Recently he had an exercise in school on similes, and I am so happy to report what the teacher said about it, "Great job, you really seem to understand what a simile is!" So I thought I'd share a few of them!

I feel as happy as a clown.
I feel as strong as a "strongman". (his word for muscleman)
I feel as silly as a unicorn.
I feel as angry as a beagle, it runs everywhere a lot when a person gets too close. (this is from the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox where there is a mad beagle who chases everyone!)
I feel as excited as a jumping bean. (teacher: great one!)
I feel as frightened as a fox. (again from Fantastic Mr. Fox)
I feel as light as a bread falling off a counter. (teacher: Wow! Thoughtful!)
I feel as grumpy as a cat. (we have an extremely grumpy cat!)
I feel as slow as a snail trying to catch food. (starred by teacher)
I feel as hungry as a bear. (starred by teacher)
I feel as sleepy as a sleeping dog.

Pretty insightful, don't you think?! What a great, awesome kid!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

RIP Mark Haskell

RIP Mark Haskell

Mark died yesterday afternoon when his plane crashed on takeoff. He was a wonderful family man, I had the privilege of caring for Alison's pregnancies and delivering two of his three children. He and his wife and family live just down the road from me. We see each other all the time around town and walking and playing with the kids. He and his wife, Alison, became one of my favorite patients, we just really connected. He loved to fly, he was a part of the Brunswick Naval Air Station Airshows with his YAK-52 named "Lizzy-Lou" for his daughter. He will be sorely missed.

Here is an article from yesterday, and another from today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gorski under Attack

I received the following message from Liz Ditz. I read the AoA article this morning and thought there might be trouble when someone listed emails and addresses from Dr. Gorski's boss and board members. Please send a message of support to Dr. Gorski's Board of Directors to counteract the smear campaign from AoA.

From: Liz Ditz
To: Storkdok
Subject: Gorski under attack
Date: Mon, Jun 21, 2010 2:44 pm
I had an email conversation with Gorski this morning. This is not fun for him as the AoA minions have emailed the entire list below with criticism of Gorski and alleged COIs.

Gorski said it wouldn't hurt if people who support and admire his work would send emails of support. It's better if the email of support only references the SBM article.

This is the science-based medicine article

The age of autism article

http://www.ageofautism/ DOT com/2010/06/david-gorskis-

The contact info that age of autism commenter "make autism stop" published

http://www.ageofautism/ DOT com/2010/06/david-gorskis-financial-pharma-ties-what-he-didnt-tell-you.html?cid=6a00d8357f3f2969e2013484b00ab0970c#comment-6a00d8357f3f2969e2013484b00ab0970c

Wayne State University Board of Directors:
(313) 577-2034

Mailing Address:
656 West Kirby
Room 4231 FAB
Detroit, MI 48202

Board Members:

Tina Lynn Abbott
Richard Howard Bernstein
Eugene Driker
Diane Lynne Dunaskiss
Deborah I. Dingell
Paul E. Massaron
"Gary S. Pollard"
Annetta Thelma Miller and 313-577-2034

Wayne State Office of the Secretary:
Julie H. Miller, Secretary to the Board of Governors and Secretary of the University
Teresa M. Boczar, Executive Secretary and
Debra L. Harris, Lead Secretary

kim's comment (an AoA minion, edited email by me)

http://www.ageofautism/ DOT com/2010/06/david-gorskis-financial-pharma-ties-what-he-didnt-tell-you.html?cid=6a00d8357f3f2969e20133f188083f970b#comment-6a00d8357f3f2969e20133f188083f970b

Use sos's links to email the board of the school ASAP. from their website:
The Wayne State University Board of Governors and 2 of its standing committees will meet on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 in Rooms BC at McGregor Memorial Conference Center, 495 W. Ferry Mall, Detroit, Michigan 48202. The Standing Committees will begin at 10:00 a.m., and the Board meeting at 3:00 p.m.

Liz Ditz

check my personal blog:
check my blog on academic remediation:
editor, The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism


Here is my message to the Board of Directors:

Subject: Dr. David Gorski
Date: Mon, Jun 21, 2010 4:59 pm

To the Board of Directors at Wayne State University:

I wanted to write in support of Dr. Gorski and the research he is undertaking. In a recent blog he described the research he is doing with Riluzole and breast cancer. He described the history of Riluzole and it's use in ALS, how it was developed and then
Drs. Goydos and Chen discovered that it inhibited melanoma, continued research with melanoma and now have evidence of it's potential beneficial use for metastatic melanoma patients. He described how this medication could potentially be beneficial in the treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Gorski has the ability to explain very difficult scientific and biologic concepts in ways that a layman (and even an OB/GYN!) can understand. He also is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in science and in turn, science-based medicine, and has been very educational, as well as entertaining, on his blog. I have been following Dr. Gorski's blogging for a few years now, and have appreciated his skepticism and ability to verbalize what is pseudoscience, or quackery, and how to recognize it and effectively counteract it. As the mother of a child with autism, I discovered a whole world of non-evidence based pseudoscientific practices that are being used on children with autism. As a physician, I have appreciated his clear analysis of the specifics of autism quackery.

I am saddened that today I have learned that there is an attempt by the adherents of autism quackery to smear Dr. Gorski with supposed "Conflict of Interest" with a pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, these are the same people who have attempted to smear, and have actually threatened, Dr. Paul Offit and other physicians and scientists who support science-based medicine and speak out about vaccinations not causing autism.

Because of this, I wanted to let you know I lend my support to Dr. Gorski and his research, medical practice, and blogging endeavors, and am very thankful for his efforts to educate and promote science-based practices.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,
Storkdok, M.D.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Totally Late Valentine's Day post

I know, I know, this is totally late. Life's been busy, but I just have to share the Valentine's Day card my son gave me. We went to Target and I told him he could pick out a card for me and for Dad, and for the grandparents. He very seriously started reading the cards and went through many cards before he found the right ones. Here is the one he gave me:


Long before
I could have known,
you knew
what I was capable of.

And so
you taught me
to dream
without limits.

You knew
the challenges
a lifetime could hold.
And so
you created
a safe place
for me to land.

You knew
what a difference
believing in someone
could make.
And so
you loved me

And I can't
who I'd be today
your love.

Thank you, Mom.

Happy Valentine's Day


Now hand me the hanky, it makes me tear up every time I read it. What an amazing kid I have. I'm keeping this card out to reread whenever I doubt myself or am feeling overwhelmed.